What Is My Life Purpose Quiz To Reinvent Yourself (For The 40+)

Discovering your life’s purpose is an exciting journey and the key to self-discovery and personal growth in your forties and beyond.

How often have you pondered the age-old question, “What is my purpose in life?” The answer to this question is just a quiz away.

In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating realm of self-reflection, exploring the What is My Life Purpose Quiz—a unique and engaging tool designed to spark introspection and guide you towards unlocking the mysteries of your existence.

Join us as we embark on a fun quiz that will help you take a step forward in unearthing your true purpose.

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Find Your True Calling And Change Yourself

Starting on a journey to rediscover yourself and unveil your true calling is like setting sail toward a fulfilling life. The truth is, as you age, the urge to discover your life’s purpose strengthens.

You must have heard of the famous quote, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life,” which is indeed inspiring, urging you to chase your passions and succeed in your chosen paths.

All that appears great, but you’re still missing one piece of the puzzle. What is the purpose of your life? How do you find your calling? 

That’s one question you want an answer to, especially when you’ve been through half of your life!!

What Does A Calling Mean?

But what exactly is a calling? Your calling is more than just a job. It is a profound, personal desire to dedicate your life to specific accomplishments and endeavors. You feel like this is what you were meant to do.

Callings are as unique as individuals, and many believe that everyone possesses a calling in some form.

I started this blog when I realized I have a strong desire to help people, especially those above the age of 40 and beyond, make a fresh start, rediscover their lost passions, and focus on their personal growth.

In my journey, I have met many such focus-driven people who, after identifying their purpose in life, have dedicated themselves to fulfilling those aspirations.

My blogging coach, Sadie Smilie, the founder of passiveincomepathways.com, offers membership programs to coach women entrepreneurs to create a passive income for themselves. She has made it her life purpose to help others attain financial freedom through their blogs and membership programs.

I met Taima, who is a full-time attorney but also has a passion for traveling. She realized that her calling in life was to help others plan their travel by overcoming the constraints of time and money, and she built her blog, poorinprivateplane.com!!

It’s inspirational, isn’t it?

Now, let’s unravel the mystery of identifying your calling or purpose through a series of thought-provoking questions without procrastinating further. Engaging in self-inquiry can guide your thoughts toward meaningful outcomes.

Grab a pen and paper—yes, the tangible kind—as the act of physically writing the answers to these questions helps process your thoughts. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. The purpose of undertaking this life quiz is to learn something about yourself!!

You can also Download this Daily Journal, which we have designed for you using templates available on Creative Fabrica, to unearth your calling in life.

What is My Life Purpose Quiz to Help You Find Your Calling

Answer these insightful questions to get clarity about your purpose in life!!

  • What stirs your passion?
  • What ideas, topics, or industries do you genuinely care about?
  • What do you consider essential in life to bring about a positive change?
  • If you had to prioritize the top 5 things most important to you, what would they be?
  • What would you willingly do for free?
  • What strengths do others see in you?
  • What fuels your energy when fatigue sets in?

By jotting down your responses to this life test quiz, you’ll gradually piece together a clearer picture of what your calling might entail. As you navigate these questions, common themes and ideas will emerge, unveiling the path to your true calling.

Consider, What do you need in your life right now?” “What’s not there?”

You need to dig deep to find these answers, which usually takes a while. If you’re feeling unhappy with where you are or who you are, deciding to make positive changes requires some thoughtful thinking.

Even if you’re not sure about the details, you might sense that something needs to be different.

If you are interested in making a fresh start in life and pondering whether you should take the plunge or not, read our blog post, How To Start Fresh In Life: A Realistic Guide (For The 40+).

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Do You Know Your Purpose In Life?

Begin this transformative journey by identifying your loves and passions that hold deep value and set your spirit ablaze. Of course, by the time you are 40, 45, or even beyond, you will have tried your hands at different things as you move through life.

In that backdrop, if you could turn a cherished hobby into a livelihood, what would it be?

It would be best to reflect on what brings you joy, how you prefer to experience life, and the company you want to keep. This allows you to set expansive, meaningful goals.

Throughout the reinvention process, continuously pose questions to yourself:

  • How can you transform your passions into a way of life?
  • In what ways can your love and passions contribute to your financial stability?
  • Do you have the necessary support to align your life with your passions?

As you explore these aspects, the foundation for your reinvention begins to take shape. You give yourself answers that resonate with the highest levels of your senses, and something new and profound emerges when you bombard yourself with this style of quiz.

Life-Changing Self-Reinvention: Determine Your Whys

Who is not aware of the famous Nike tagline “Just Do It.”. The tagline inspires actions—no more talks, reasons, plans, or second thoughts. “Do It Now.”

At times, all you need to do is take action. It might be the kick in the pants you need to reach your goals.

While this tagline resonates as a powerful call to action, it often overlooks a crucial element—the “why.” It does not adequately reflect the reason behind the action.

However, understanding the “why” behind your actions is as important. Without a clear purpose, you may find yourself mechanically going through the motions, never truly savoring a moment of passionate, fulfilling work.

Before succumbing to the urge to “Just Do It,” take a moment to identify your why.

  • What’s the driving force behind your actions?
  • What’s the purpose that fuels your desire for change?

Life is more than a series of routine tasks; it’s about engaging in moments that resonate with your deepest passions.

Integrate the profound insights gained from the “What is my Purpose in Life Quiz” into this process. Allow this exploration of your purpose to guide you through your transformative journey.

Armed with a clear understanding of your purpose, you can truly embark on meaningful and impactful changes in your life in your forties and beyond.

Take this quick and insightful quiz to gain clarity and discover a deeper understanding of your unique path

What Do You Really Love?

Think about the things that truly make your heart sing—those are your “whys.”

Your whys are essentially what you love, encompassing your passions, what you consider important, what truly matters to you, and the activities that bring you joy.

Your whys act as powerful motivators, transforming routine or ordinary tasks into lively, purposeful actions. They breathe life into everything you do.

So, ask yourself a straightforward question: What is it that you love?

How Do You Get Your Energy Back?

Your whys are also closely linked to what energizes you. Passion acts as the fuel that propels you into action, preventing burnout.

So, what recharges your batteries? How do you regain energy after it has been fully depleted?

Understanding this helps you recognize what replenishes your energy.

Here’s a simple way to find your why:

  • What gives you energy?
  • What activities can you engage in for what seems like an eternity without feeling drained?
  • What makes you feel alive?

These questions are like compasses, guiding you to discover your whys.

In a nutshell, to identify your why, just ask yourself: What energizes you? It’s the key to uncovering what truly fuels your passions and keeps you going strong.

Discover Your True Calling: Take the Ultimate Life Purpose Quiz Today!

Work Your Way Backward To Understand Your Purpose in Life

Think of your life’s “whys” like the story of your achievements.

Picture yourself at the end of your life, sitting on a porch, looking out at the beautiful countryside. As you gaze at the scenery, think about the highlights of your life—the major scenes you’d want to playback.

Do you imagine standout moments from your work, precious family memories, close personal relationships, or the memories of helping others through charity?

What do you want to look back on when your life is winding down?

Your answers to these questions reveal what you find important and valuable in your life’s journey. It’s like creating a highlight reel of the things that matter most to you.

Explore Your Calling

Explore your calling like a detective on a mission. Dive into it by asking questions from those who are already living what you think could be your calling. It’s the only way to truly know if this is the path meant for you.

It’s like dipping your toe in the water to make sure it feels just right. Don’t rush to settle on the first thing that seems like your calling. Treat it like an exciting adventure, taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

You might stick with that first calling eventually, but by exploring different avenues, you’ll gain even more confidence in knowing if it truly aligns with your purpose.

It’s a journey of discovery, and each step brings you closer to uncovering the calling that fits you best.

Job vs. Calling: Where Passion Takes Center Stage

Here’s the deal: thinking your job is the same as your calling is a bit of a mix-up. But hold on, don’t get it twisted! Your calling might be related to your job, and often, it’s a big part of what you do for work. However, they’re not the same.

Your calling can shine through in various places, not just at your 9-to-5. It might pop up when you’re volunteering, helping out with charities, chatting with friends, or even during community events.

It’s not about where or how your calling shows up; the crucial part is that you let it come out, no matter the setting.

So, keep in mind that your calling isn’t limited to a specific job—it’s about exploring and experiencing it wherever you go!

Statement of Your Personal Mission

Now that you’ve figured out what you love, what energizes you, and what you want to achieve, it’s time to put those thoughts into a personal mission statement. Think of it as turning these ideas into a handy guide that’s easy to use.

Your mission statement becomes your compass during decision-making moments. It’s a reminder of why you do what you do. It not only captures your reasons (your why) but also outlines what you aim to achieve (your what) and when.

So, the next time you’re about to “Just Do It,” you’ll have a clear understanding of your why to support your actions.

Infusing your actions with genuine passion becomes a powerful recipe for creating meaningful, long-lasting, and impactful changes in your life. It’s like having your own personal roadmap to success!

Discovering Your Calling Takes Time

Don’t stress about figuring out your calling according to some strict timeline. Be patient with the process, and remember, you’re not choosing your calling; you’re uncovering what’s already there.

So, relax and let it happen at its own pace!”

The Joy of Discovering and Living Your True Calling

Life hits a different level of awesomeness when you dive into your personal calling. It’s like turning up the satisfaction dial! Living your purpose adds a whole new flavor to life.

The real magic happens when you’ve uncovered your calling. That’s when life becomes a fulfilling adventure!”

Unlock Your Destiny: Find Your Life Purpose with This Quiz Now!

What is My Life Purpose Quiz -Key Takeaways

We end the blog post by giving you 20 questions that will help you take a deep dive into your purpose in life, ascertain your life goals, and make a fresh start if need be.

  • What activities make time fly for you because you enjoy them so much?
  • If money were no object, how would you spend your days?
  • What issues or causes do you feel passionately about?
  • When do you feel most alive and in tune with yourself?
  • What talents or skills do others often compliment you on?
  • If you had to teach something, what would be your ideal subject?
  • What are the top three values that guide your decisions in life?
  • When faced with challenges, what motivates you to overcome them?
  • What dreams or goals have you had since childhood that still resonate with you?
  • If you had unlimited resources, what positive impact would you want to make on the world?
  • What kind of work or activities make you forget to check the time?
  • What advice do friends and family often seek from you?
  • If you could have a conversation with any historical figure, who would it be and why?
  • What do you enjoy learning about in your free time?
  • If you had to choose a single word to describe your ideal life, what would it be?
  • What are the moments in life when you have felt the most fulfilled?
  • When envisioning your future, what legacy do you hope to leave behind?
  • What activities bring you a deep sense of peace and contentment?
  • If you had to start a charitable organization, what cause would it support?
  • When imagining your perfect day, what does it look like from morning to night?


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Soul Searching Made Easy: Take the Life Purpose Quiz & Embrace Your Calling!
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Soul Searching Made Easy: Take the Life Purpose Quiz & Embrace Your Calling!
Unlock Your Destiny: Find Your Life Purpose with This Quiz Now! 
Dive deep into introspection and explore what truly drives you with our thought-provoking quiz that will help unveil your unique life purpose. Are you ready to uncover the path meant for you?
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